Sightseeing Guide

Lake Biwa excursions and Kyoto sightseeing

Hotel Piazza Biwako overlooks Lake Biwa, so it's the perfect place to stay while sightseeing in the surrounding area. Kyoto is only a 10-minute train ride away, so you can see the sights of Kyoto, as well.


Recommended attractions near the hotel

  • Miidera temple (Onjouji)

    Miidera temple (Onjouji)

    A temple with over a thousand years of history. Experience a wide variety of cultural assets and legends.From the hotel
    10 minutes by car
  • Biwako Flower Fountain

    Located on top of a seawall about 180 meters offshore in Otsu Harbor, this fountain sprays water in a shifting array of shapes, and at 440 meters across, it is one of the world’s largest.
    5 minutes by car
  • Lake Biwa

    Lake Biwa

    Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan.Our hotel overlooks Lake Biwa, giving you a perfect view.
    From the hotel: 1 minute's walk

Seasonal highlights

  • Cherry trees along Lake Biwa Canal

    Cherry trees along Lake Biwa Canal

    Construction of Lake Biwa Canal, the waterway which carries the waters of Lake Biwa to Kyoto, represented the height of Meiji era civil engineering technology. The banks on either side are lined with rows of cherry trees.
    10 minutes by car
    Season: March–April
  • Sanno Festival

    Sanno Festival

    One of the Lake Country's three largest festivals, Sanno Festival is held annually at Hiyoshi Taisha shrine.
    25 minutes by car
    Season: April
  • The Great Fireworks Festival at Lake Biwa

    The Great Fireworks Festival at Lake Biwa

    Japan's leading fireworks festival, held at Japan's largest lake. You can view it directly from our hotel.
    Season: August
  • Otsu Festival

    Otsu Festival

    One of the three major Lake Country festivals. Held since the Edo period, this religious festival is one of the prefecture's Intangible Folk Cultural Properties.
    6 minutes by car
    Season: October
  • Hiyoshi Taisha shrine autumn foliage light-up

    Hiyoshi Taisha shrine autumn foliage light-up

    Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine is the head shrine of approximately 3,800 Sanno shrines throughout Japan, and is a designated Japan Heritage site.
    25 minutes by car
    Season: November
  • Ski Resort

    Ski Resort

    In Shiga of the sightseeing spot eminent Japan.There are lot of skiing areas that can be idle even in winter.
    Season: Winter